The New Business of America (A Main Street Solution)

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Why does America need a new business plan?

Over the past several decades we have seen big business, big banks and Wall Street export our money, our jobs and our  future all in the name of profit. This single minded goal of ever improving the bottom line for the few has lead to:


  • The longest unemployment lines since the “Great Depression”
  • The greatest decrease in home values ever recorded
  • A reduction in real income for the middle class wage earner when compared to the increase in cost of living
  • The largest income gap between America’s rich and America’s poor
  • The highest percentage of working poor America has ever seen


In the coming decades, the American worker, the small business community, and community banks along with local, state

and federal government must combine their knowledge, skills and experience, man-power, and money power in order to

rebuild the American dream.

         The New Business of America Plan can accomplish that goal.


      The New Business of America will not change the way the multinational corporations of the

world do business. It will however, provide opportunities within our local community to:

               Create a financial partnership between employer and employee that provides the investment

                   capital and the subsidy funding necessary to rebuild Main Street America.

                      Create, preserve and expand American businesses and job opportunities for Americans where

                             the bottom line is motivated by jobs, wages and benefits, and not just shareholder profits.

                      Create a funding mechanism that emphasizes fair rates of return while developing a hybrid worker/

                            ownership plan where the incentive for profit is outweighed by the demand for job creation thus

                            decreasing the burden of taxes to individual business owners.

                      Develop, build and sell/rent housing that is available and affordable for today’s working class and

                             tomorrow’s retirees.

The New Business of America program has four key elements:

1.   Jobs and economic development through the Massachusetts Business Exchange  (MBE)

Typically, the American business model is based on profitability only. This does not consider job creation as it first priority.

The New Business of America plan is designed to put profit and job creation on the same level. It accomplishes this goal by combining the

financial strength of working class America with the ability to fund a hybrid structure of investor/employee owned business opportunities.

2.   Community housing investment through the Community Housing Partnership Fund  (CHPF)

This fund will create opportunities which will allow for substantial savings related to housing for today’s working class and tomorrows

retirees along with fair rates of return for its investor/members based on investment value as opposed to market value.

3.    CD-MAC Private Subsidy Fund  (PSF)

The CD-MAC Private Subsidy Fund will be employee funded either through a payroll deduction plan or a direct deposit from a specified

checking account. The private subsidy funds will be available for both employees and employers and will be used for the following

a).    Preserving/expanding participating existing businesses,

b).    Creating new business/job opportunities.

c).    Affordable housing for ownership and rental,

           Funding will be in the form of:

1). Grants

2). Non-recourse loans – non-interest, fee or equity based only.

The employee funded private subsidy fund will allow the American worker to participate and/or compete with similar public and private

sector funds along with public/private colleges when creating the New American Business/Job opportunities of tomorrow.

4.   Foreclosure prevention through the Homeowners Resolution Trust  (HRT)

          The CD-MAC foreclosure prevention initiative will accomplish several goals

Will help stabilize the housing industry,

Restore confidence in the financial strength of the American economy,

Provide the investment capital for new business opportunity throughout America.


Please use the links at top of page to read detailed info on all 4 elements of the New Business of America Plan.



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